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8/20/21 updates/ all past updates

one year ago | Postby : GM

Changelog: - Drop rates for CP Bags have been increased (approximately 20% increase in drop, we will see how it plays out and adjust accordingly in the near future if needed) - Added an option to change giant met scroll for 700 CPs via CashConverter. - Fixed VIP auto loot option for +1 also turning off blessed gears. - VIP auto loot settings will now persist in between 2 sessions (so you don't have to set your options everytime you login). - Removed CP option for nobility donations, only way to progress in your path to nobility is now using your gold. - Increased PvP event rewards from 100 CPs to 1000 CPs to encourage you guys to attend to them more.

- Added additional spawns to almost every spawn area - Removed king's mantle Magic Defense - Warrior reborn physical defense bonus has been increased from 10% to 20% - A brand new, more robust anticheat that will help us keep the playing field equal. - Increased Entity view distance for people who are playing with high resolution (On 1920x1080 resolution, entities now will render at the edge of your screen) - Cleansing Devil won't drop exp balls anymore, instead, it will drop more dragon balls.

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